What is more natural that two sisters sharing the same passion for music and playing together? For now more than 20 years, Chouchane and Astrig are playing together and builded two different carriers both going from the same tree. The violoniste Chouchane left early the family house to study in Sion (Switzerland) with Tibor Varga when Astrig was studying the cello in Lyon (France). They meet again in 2010 when the cellist went to study with Ivan Monighetti at the Hochschule für Musik Basel where the sister was leaving and was studying historical music by Reinaard Göebel at the Mozarteum in Salzbourg. They than started to have time to play as a duo and joining other musician such as Bertrand Chamayou, Daniel Ottensamer, Christoph Traxler… to play music together. In 2010, the composer Daniel Schnyder dedicated his a duo called « Lettre Persane » for the duo and very naturally the two sisters decided to combine between modern duos, famous ones (Ravel, Kodaly) and not very know ones that the curiosity and the knowledge of Chouchane would motivate. Where ever Chouchane and Astrig are they always connect with itch other and playing together is the best way to share music and love.

VIDEO: Duo Sirano – Vivaldi