…terrifically satisfying recital…


FROGGY'S DELIGHT - Jérôme Gillet

Froggy’s delight : Duo Solo

“There is a fervor, an intensity in the cellist’s playing, a pure musical evocation (from the deepest to the brightest)”

“This record is Astrig Siranossian, her fingers, her voice, her ears, her memories, her heart, her soul.”

LE MONDE - Marie-Aude Roux

Le Monde : Albums selection

“Astrig Siranossian established herself in the galaxy of artists whose talent opened to the world, transcends repertoires.”

“A strong and singular record, in the image of Astrig Siranossian’s rare and endearing personality.”

Toute la Culture - YAËL HIRSCH

Astrig Siranossian : ” Duo Solo ” of cellos around Kodaly, Ligety, Bach and Armenian folksongs

“a breathtaking timbre”.

“a striking interpretation of (Kodaly’s) movement: tumultuous, full of energy, with an intensity and gravitas mixed with a luminous joy”.

Classical Music, BBC - Erica Jeal

Duo Solo – Astrig Siranossian

a remarkable level of intensity throughout a performance that’s even more fiercely lyrical than that of her hero János Starker.”