Bruno Guermonprez - Le Figaro

Astrig Siranossian, une violoncelliste à la double voix

“with taste and personality”

“Duo Solo is thus this invigorating oxymoron, which confers to the artists this requirement to be of their time whereas the matter is old as the world.

“accomplished and committed artist “


Astrig Siranossian’s cello song

“spirited and poetic playing”

“music that resonates with the same force in the heart of the artist”.


France Arménie - Marie-Anne Thil

Duo-Solo : Astrig Siranossian

“a sparkling album”

CADENCES - Yutha Tep

Astrig Siranossian – the bow and the voice

“The young French virtuoso captivates with her extraordinary personality.

“This daring program (…) combines absolute artistic serenity with the strength of conviction to turn mountains upside down.

“our young star.”

FROGGY'S DELIGHT - Jérôme Gillet

Froggy’s delight : Duo Solo

“There is a fervor, an intensity in the cellist’s playing, a pure musical evocation (from the deepest to the brightest)”

“This record is Astrig Siranossian, her fingers, her voice, her ears, her memories, her heart, her soul.”

LE MONDE - Marie-Aude Roux

Le Monde : Albums selection

“Astrig Siranossian established herself in the galaxy of artists whose talent opened to the world, transcends repertoires.”

“A strong and singular record, in the image of Astrig Siranossian’s rare and endearing personality.”